Lifecycle Management

Complete visibility and control throughout the entire lifecycle of your mobile assets and costs.

Mobile Device Lifecycle Management

The Intel and Automation you need to Track and Replenish Mobile Assets

Lifecycle Management is key to how we achieve an effective overview of mobile devices that considers every aspect of the procurement process from acquire through to retire. This allows us not only to improve consistent performance but also establish, create and improve corporate responsibility. The Adaptis methodology and framework behind the management of mobile device assets is necessary to analyze and manage the performance of your lifecycle.

Having an effective lifecycle management system and strategy allows organizations to look at the bigger picture of their mobile procurement and how it can not only create value, but also being able to operate and succeed in diverse environments. Adaptis lifecycle management provides critical visibility, awareness and the ability to make the best decision based on company policy including recycled handset re-deployment and CapEx reduction.

Effective Inventory Management

Being able to track and re-deploy spare, or unused mobile assets is important to any lifecycle strategy. Adaptis Mobiles' inventory tracking systems allow companies to stay on top of spare, or unused handsets for re-deployment. This process allows companies to stay in control of costs and make decisions that are in the best interest of the organization, while maintaining a holistic overview of unused device inventory, product type, serial numbers and condition.

Green Program

Adaptis believes in corporate responsibility and as such, is proud to offer the Adaptis Green Program. We work with organizations to understand how to best manage their procurement and retirement of their mobile devices whether it be modems, handsets or radios. The Adaptis Green Program helps to achieve not only a productive mobile environment, but a sustainable one as well! Ask us how our Green Program can help.

Supported Carriers

Adaptis Mobile is compatible with TELUS Mobility, Bell Mobility, Rogers, Sasktel, MTS, Verizon, AT&T and more.

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